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Keith Football Club vice-chairman Charlie Simpson pays tribute to Maroons’ goalscoring goalkeeper Craig Reid with his own Kynoch Park Doric verse

By Charlie Simpson

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He’s a poet, an lets abiddy in Keith know it!

Keith vice-chairman Charlie Simpson.
Keith vice-chairman Charlie Simpson.

Long-serving Keith Football Club committee member and current vice-chairman, Charlie Simpson is no stranger to producing some verse in tribute to his beloved Maroons.

Charlie has charted league and cup glories, goalscoring feats and historic moments from the Kynoch Park archives in his own unique way over the years.

His Doric ditties are the stuff of legends, and when a very rare feat in the club’s history was achieved last week, the Friendly Town’s Bard immediately put pen to paper.

Maroons’ keeper Craig Reid was a national sensation when, with his team trailing neighbours and hosts Huntly in the dying embers of a Highland League clash, he ran up the pitch for his team’s corner kick.

Craig Reid is Keith's goalscoring goalkeeper. Picture: Beth Taylor
Craig Reid is Keith's goalscoring goalkeeper. Picture: Beth Taylor

The rest is history, as the custodian’s overhead kick bulged the Huntly net and stretched Keith’s unbeaten run to eight games - the celebrations were quite something special.

Charlie has since composed a commemorative verse, which debuted on the Keith Football Club Facebook page.

Craig Reid - the Goalscorin’ Goalie

Jings, ye’d better believe it

Kiz I sa’ it at first hand

The nicht Craigie Reid scored

I wiz sittin’ in the Huntly Stand

There wizna muckle in it

The first half o’ the game

Fin the Ref he blew his peeper

I hoped the second half wizna the same

Play flew fae eynd tae eynd

In fac’ Keith hid already scored

Lewis Coull hit the back o’ the net

Judged affside? - Nivir – Good Lord!

The Maroons were the better team

As abiddy there cwid see

Fin Huntly scored late on

Wiz it jist nae gaun’ tae be

Bit Keith, they stuck tae the task

They’re made o’ richt stern stuff

Werena’ gaun tae gie up

Wintit tae pit Huntly in the huff

Craig Ewen’s boys kept pushin’

The hame side on the back fit

Wid we mak’ the brakthrough?

Wi’ abiddy deein’ their bit

Then cam’ Lynchie’s corner

Wi’ the seconds tickin’ awa’

Craig toddled up the Park

Made overheid connection wi’ the ba’

It wiz a perfect hit

Landed richt in the ingin bag

Triggered great Maroon Mania

An’ the Huntly heids tae sag

Craigie took aff lik’ a bullet

Team mates chasin’ ahin’

Lik’ Benny Hill in fu’ flow

We’re celebratin’ – makkin’ a din

The ref he blew his fussle

Tae signal it wiz time up

Maroons delirious wi’ delight

Ye’d hiv thocht we’d won a Cup

Craig, he’s saved a puckle

At his ain eynd o’ the Park

Bit that nicht at Huntly

Twiz at the ither eynd he made his mark

A rare feat indeed

In fac’, only twice in a hunner’ ‘eer

That a Keith goalie hiz scored

So – tae Craig Reid – “The Goalscorin’ Goalie” – A Hefty Cheer!!

Charlie Simpson

March 2024

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