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Your life in stars: What does 2024 have in store for you?

By John Davidson

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The horoscopes for year ahead, by Patrick Arundell

Your stars for the year ahead. Picture: iStock
Your stars for the year ahead. Picture: iStock


March 21 – April 20

With Saturn and Neptune continuing their joint deep dive in your sector of mysteries and endings, this is a year when coming to terms with strands of your life that are more in the past is going to be part of the celestial plan. Concurrent to this, the fabulous North Node, back with you again after an eighteen-year absence, and the glorious Aries Solar Eclipse of the 8th of April, beautifully align with the healer Chiron, and can bring huge potential for new beginnings and so much goodness. Embracing the part of your nature that likes freshness, new initiatives and getting on the front foot means you can juggle between these two contrasting sets of energies. Just be aware however, that with Mercury the planet of communication rewinding in Fire signs for all but ten days in the summer, not everything you try will go exactly to plan. However, do keep trying! Indeed, the second Solar Eclipse of the year of the 2nd of October can repay your bravery, particularly around your relationship sector, when a significant development is possible. Ironically in the dying embers of December your ruler Mars slows down, but this simply urges you to double down on expressing your talents.


April 21– May 21

Jupiter, the planet of growth, opportunities and good fortune, starts this year in your sign, and in a really positive alliance with the Sun, in one of the best angles possible in astrology. This suggests that you should have maximum faith in what you set out to achieve. May can turn out to be a particularly upbeat month for you, and sees your ruler Venus merge quite wonderfully with the electric energies of Uranus on the 18th and with Jupiter on the 23rd. This could coincide with a new romance, developing an exciting creative project or a dazzling new look. A slice of fortune linked to finances or resources is also possible. But it will be important to stay mindful of your inner world throughout 2024. You may surprise yourself after a very vigorous past few years by feeling the need to throttle back and to have moments of complete tranquillity and peace. Your professional world could also be set to go through some kind of big shift, and supporting these moments of rest and giving yourself permission to recharge can be key. You may even find yourself keen to embrace a new kind of diet, exercise routine or job from early October, one that gives you a better work/life balance. A desire to make changes at home is possible even as late as December.


May 22 – June 21

Mercury, your ruling planet, takes on a fiery vibe in all but one of its three ten-week retrograde cycles, which are always important. This is sure to add intensity to your natural talent for discussion, ideas and technology, but it could also mean that not everything goes quite to plan, especially around relationship matters. Why might this be? Well, Mercury starts 2024 in retreat and in one of its less favoured locations, close to the planet of action, desire and instant gratification, Mars. This combination will likely impact on your interactions with others, but you can find yourself keener to set firmer boundaries all year and push back where you feel people don’t take you seriously enough. You can turn this into a positive too though, by being more go-getting when it comes to your love life. Singleton? This duo can see you rethinking your approach and being more daring and proactive. Involved? You can be more in need of sparky debates and flirty challenges. The two Solar Eclipses this year in April and October, and the helpful North Node in Aries, urge you to mix and mingle and socialise where possible. The luck planet Jupiter joining your sign on the 23rd of May for the rest of the year can help to galvanise a new cycle lasting for the next twelve years, bringing greater hope, optimism and daring, with the following seven months of the year bringing all sorts of new opportunities your way.


June 22 – July 23

Many of us start each new year making our resolutions, with the intention of sticking to them. And how many of us actually do? Well, the big news, Cancer, is that your determination to do so as 2024 begins can be strong. This is because Mercury and Mars are bonded in the part of your situation which will see you wanting to get fitter and more active or shake up your work. With Jupiter in your sector of friendship and group activities also being urged on by the Sun, your competitive streak will be aroused but in a fun way, so it is great for renewing a gym membership or upping your activities sports-wise, perhaps with a friend. In fact, your connections to others can be really strong, be it socially or professionally, right through to the early summer. The New Moon in Cancer of the 5th of July emphasises the social whirl, but then you may find yourself wanting a bit more time for yourself, and the second half of the year, primed by the Lunar Eclipse of the 18th of September in Virgo, could see you researching topics that appeal to you, travelling more and just taking stock. Your instincts for quiet and peacefulness can be aroused by early October. Some Crabs may redecorate, move home or start a business from the comfort of their abode. But crucially, chances are you’ll still be upholding those January pledges!


July 24 – August 23

Your creativity is set to bubble away all year, a time for big shifts in your interactions with others and your closest relationships. Those that are working well can get deeper and more committed, but what you’re craving is a sense of connection. January and February could prove particularly auspicious if you’re a love-seeker, but possibilities to expand your professional situation may be true of this year too. As Jupiter works its magic in your sector of success, there could be plenty of opportunities to find new and exciting roles, but you may have to consider giving up what is safe and familiar in order to grasp something more meaningful. Key to all of this is going to be an openness to new ideas and broadening your knowledge base. Some Lions may decide to sign up for an online course, others will scour the internet for information or apply to a higher education institution. Professional training courses which expand skills will also be an attractive option. However, if you don’t feel the pull towards these, travel, either for adventure, pleasure or work, is a very real possibility. With the Mercury retrogrades this year, all but ten days in Fire signs, chances are there’s going to be disruption to rail or air movements, so contingencies will be needed. A new mode of transport can appeal to you, or the chance to learn to drive. Mars might see you going, it seems, over old ground in December, but see this as the hand of fate in a positive way.


August 24 – September 23

As an Earth sign you apply practical solutions to situations and seek tangible outcomes. The fortunate link between the Sun and expansive Jupiter, also in Earth signs as the year begins, can therefore be particularly meaningful. Why? Well, it provides you with a solid realistic platform as a backdrop to the whole year, one that has opportunities for you to use your discrimination and attention to detail in a more creative way, utilising your flair. Home, family and personal strands can’t be rushed. Someone close may not be as attuned to what you want to do as you’d like, and with stern Saturn continuing in your sector of relating all year, if you can be patient it might work better than getting overly frustrated. With the Solar Eclipses and the Nodal axis accentuating your approach to finances, personal or shared, that might be the area where you look to find a greater balance. Jupiter can bring you particular rewards on the 18th of May, with a fabulous holiday or agreement on a potentially lucrative contract or agreement. Your career sector is blessed in the last seven months of 2024, but with the Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 18th of September, you’ll likely need to feel really at the heart of things to get truly excited. Self-employment can be a great way to achieve this, or working in a role where you have plenty of latitude to do your own thing. The last month of the year could though see you feeling quite tender, and resolving any old outstanding personal issues.


September 24 – October 23

Your home, family and emotional life have been impacted hugely by potent Pluto over the last eighteen years. He does start the year impacting this area, and revisits in the Autumn for eleven weeks, but as he moves into Aquarius for the second time in this phase on the 21st of January, it will be a change that you’ll likely relish. With your ruler Venus and feisty Mars also connecting well in February, there can be some early sociable moments in 2024, a time when you’ll regain a lot of your joie de vivre. You surf the powerful energies of the Solar Eclipse in your sign of last October as the year begins, and this will be augmented by one in your sector of relationships on the 8th of April, Jupiter moving into the expansive 9th House on the 23rd of May, and a second Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 2nd of October. All this is going to spark huge positivity throughout 2024, with you feeling that you’re driving events rather than as in recent years when other people’s dramas have stacked up on your doorstep or have been projected onto you. Think of all the exciting things you would like to bring to bear, visualise them powerfully and look to manifest them into actual reality. Snags? Well, do try to get as organised as possible, and if you do have a job which requires supporting others, look to create hobbies and interests outside of this that will give you time out to recharge and balance the energies that you invest.


October 24 – November 22

Your ruler Mars combines with Mercury the messenger planet as 2024 begins in your second Solar House of money and resources. However, Mercury is in a Retrograde, therefore working on your finances is likely to be a theme at the start and end of the year, when Mercury retreats once more in this area. When the Winged Messenger retraces its steps it can cause glitches as you likely know, but it’s essential that you see this as an opportunity to get better value, squeeze more from your existing resources, and be creative with your expenditure. One area you may find yourself investing in is your home. So if you’ve long wanted to improve things decoratively or do some upgrades, or even move altogether, your nose for a bargain will be ideal. With luck-bringer Jupiter in your relating zone until near the end of May, relationships look promising for single Scorpions. Involved? Restless Uranus, also in your sector of partnerships, and dour Saturn in your 5th House of romance ask you to work hard at revitalising things if a bond has become distant, strained or predictable. New approaches to diet, routines and organisation can be blessed by the Solar Eclipse of the 8th of April. If you’ve long thought about working for yourself, your home could be your base. And from the start of June your entrepreneurial skills will really start to shine. The Virgo Lunar Eclipse of the 18th of September may see you rethinking long-term plans, and even your links with people in your friendship circle.


November 23 – December 21

Saturn and Neptune continue to ask you to look at the base of your existence, where you live, who with and how, but also to explore your inner world and emotional perspectives. Sometimes your innate positivity means that you put setbacks to one side and power forwards regardless. However, this may have seen lots of unresolved strands build up deep in the depths of your being, and this may be having more of an impact than is obvious. So, with the penetrating energies of Pluto in your sector of everyday conversations and information for much of the year, the more you share how you feel and open up to embrace this part of life, the better it will be. The Eclipses in Aries and Libra are going to bring lots of bright and bubbly new people into your world, and this is emphasised when your upbeat ruling planet Jupiter powers into your zone of relating in late May. Singleton? The following twelve months from that time can hold much promise. Existing relationships could be rejuvenated, especially where you’re becoming more in touch with the deeper you, your needs and responses. Travel linked to a job in August might see some snags, but the Lunar Eclipse of the 18th September can help you to re-evaluate and figure out the type of role that will bring you true fulfilment and satisfaction. The side of you that likes action will be to the fore in 2024, but just be conscious that if not every plan goes exactly to, yes plan, it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, and there will be bigger reasons that see you take the direction that is truly right for you.


December 22 – January 20

The Sun, as ever, is located in your sign as we herald the new year, but as 2024 dawns there’s a special component to celebrate, which is his link to the planet of plenty, Jupiter, in your sister Earth sign of Taurus and in the area linked to life’s pleasures, joys and your self-expression. With Pluto set to move to Aquarius on the 21st of January, soon to be joined by Mercury, Venus and Mars, all the hard work you’ve invested over many years can come back to you as soon as February, and you’ll be delighted to gain greater recognition, see your income stabilise or improve, or feel better about yourself. Everyday communications, especially using technology, could though prove to be an area where there is the odd misunderstanding. Any anxieties about how people view you could come up from time to time, so extra care taken with text messages, emails and chatting to those you encounter can help to reduce glitches. Sometimes, whilst many of us do have different perspectives, it does boil down to the old adage that it’s not what we say that counts as much as how we say it, so do bear this in mind. You’re a sign known for your steadfast application, and as long as you feel truly invested in your career and find personal validation from what you do, the Solar Eclipse of the 2nd of October could see you gain the recognition and respect you deserve. Jupiter strengthens your vitality, resolve and enthusiasm in the second half of the year, and this can also give you added pizzazz to impress those in the know, or a line manager.


January 21 – February 19

This year can supercharge your purpose in so many ways, and you could kick it off in style, with plenty of opportunities to do what you do best, which is networking and building connections. Your friendship circle will expand, and after a turbulent time for many Water Bearers when you’ve felt more tentative and reflective, now a new cycle starts to take hold. Transformative Pluto will have one last brief sojourn in Capricorn in the autumn, but by the 20th of November it will be with you for many years to come. This can be argued to be the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius. As Pluto enters Aquarius along with the Sun on the 21st of January, followed by Mercury, Venus and Mars in February, your personal New Moon clashing with your modern ruler Uranus suggests that whatever no longer serves your true purpose needs to make way. To truly regain your power and a full sense of autonomy it will be important to be single-minded about what you want to achieve. This could lead to some turbulence, and with restrictive Saturn, your traditional ruler, in your sector of self-worth and everyday money, patience and persistence will be key. Family news can be bright on the 18th of May. The Solar Eclipses of April and October will definitely be springboards, but the arrival of fortune-bringer Jupiter in your sister Air sign of Gemini on the 23rd of May ushers in a year of supreme opportunities for the first time in twelve years. Gemini represents your 5th Solar House, perfect for bringing all things joyful into your world, be it romantically, creatively or in terms of your self-expression. If you have children, their talents will see you brimming with pride.


February 20 – March 20

Saturn and Neptune continue to journey through your sign, the former a dash of reality, the latter, your co-ruler, bringing dreamy mystique, dreams and a need for escapism. To manage these very contrasting vibrations, target your year towards the strands that are really crucial. Do not spread yourself too thinly. You can be one of the most sacrificing of all the zodiac signs and your idealism and compassion are the stuff of astral lore. But you can’t pour from an empty jug, and the big mission of 2024 is to maintain your values and standards, and know where you do want to help others and assist whilst maintaining your boundaries. The North Node will arrive in your sign at the end of January 2025, but until then this crucial life influence and the Aries Solar Eclipse of the 8th of April urge you to prioritise what gives you a sense of personal worth and value. Your traditional ruler, giant Jupiter, will add zest to your communication in the first five months and, along with Pluto newly arrived in your 12th House of deep life lessons, suggests that the more knowledge you absorb, the more you will gain. If you have an interest in personal development or counselling, as a service provider or user, this will be a life-enriching asset. A stroke of serendipity is possible around the 18th and 23rd of May when a chance conversation or meeting could prove profoundly fated. With Jupiter moving into a homely sector from then, where it radiates ever more powerfully, a mixture of ideas and emotional security call out to you over the following twelve months. A new Eclipse series begins on the 18th of September and features Neptune. This is a sensitive influence and asks you to be totally realistic in all relationships, but especially if you meet someone romantically in the last half of the year.

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