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Deveron Projects encourage locals to take part in slow marathon

By Rachael Glennie

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Deveron Projects are doing some events different this year, including their annual Slow Marathon.

The usual Slow Marathon held by Deveron Projects involves members of the public walking a distance of 26 miles based on an idea or theme related to the curated programme.

The walk is then followed by a day of talks, films, food and discussion, in relation to the chosen project.

Celebrating the human pace, it is an event designed to bring out friendships, physical activity and the appreciation of local landscapes.

Deveron Projects are calling for the local public to join in and walk 26000 miles together.

This week has seen walkers from 34 countries break the 25000 km barrier.

Having virtually set off from Huntly in May, they are now almost two thirds of their way around the circumference of the globe.

Every mile and km counts, from circumnavigating your room, right up to walking a full marathon in a day.

They are also encouraging people to join the discussion on the global community Facebook page.

Where you can share your thoughts of how your walks relate to your life and the wider world.

As well as your miles/km with a photo of the sky you see above your head from one of your walks.

These will be included in a large scale artwork.

This year, Slow Marathon 2020: Under One Sky is ran by Artist Iman Tajik, he said:"This project for me is a global call to join together in solidarity and also is a protest against borders and limiting our human freedom of movement and opportunity to open up a worldwide conversation about it."

In June, members of the Deveron Projects walked 14 laps of the Square in Huntly together testing out a current approach to the walk using physical distancing measures and they are now holding a bigger socially distanced walk as part of the Slow Marathon 2020: Under One Sky around Huntly Square on Sunday August 2 and they are encouraging the the local public to join in, following the current government guidelines.

Norma Hunter who was one of those who walked laps of the Huntly square said: “ I have been Shielding with my Husband and I wanted to walk to add my miles to this year's Slow marathon but knew that until certain restrictions were lifted and extra safety precautions were in place this would be impossible for me.

“although we are making a very serious point there is still some fun to be had and I felt that everyone would benefit from an excuse to exercise safely with me and also have a small lift to their mental well-being too.”

There’s still time to join the walk virtually at www.deveron-projects.com/slowmarathon2020

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