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Ellon Primary pupils travel back in time

By Kirsty Brown

Pupils from Ellon Primary School travelled back in time recently.

To complement their classroom learning, the primary six pupils embarked on a trip to Tarves Heritage Centre where they spent some time in the Victorian classroom.

The pupils were given outfits typical of the clothes worn by schoolchildren to wear and sat through a lesson with their strict teacher and headmistress.

The children completed their lessons in maths and history with chalk on slate before enjoying playtime with popular Victorian toys including tiddly-winks and spinning tops.

They also learned about classroom punishments like the belt and dunce’s cap!

Pictures: Phil Harman
Pictures: Phil Harman

The experience left pupils with lots to think about:

James said: “We had to write with our right hand and it was so hard for me because I’m a lefty!”

Lewis said: “It was unbelievable.”

Emma said: “The teachers were scary.”

Beth said: “When I saw the belt I was more anxious then ever!”

Katie said: “I had really good fun.”

Joe said: “It was quite scary.”

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