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Ellon blossoms in bulb and handicraft show

By Kirsty Brown

The Ellon Group SWI held their annual bulb and handicraft show on Saturday, March 14 at the Victoria Hall in Ellon.

The group consists of Ardallie, Auchedly and Ythanbank, Balgownie, Belhelvie, Collieston And Slains, Cultercullen, Esslemont, Newburgh and Tipperty institutes.

The members of the Ellon Group SWI brought along their exhibits early on Saturday morning ready for the judging to begin about 10.30am.

Judges from the Peterhead Group began their task of tasting and looking at entries ready to place the cards for the winning members.

The hall opened its doors to the public at 1pm once judging had finished and the scores were being totalled up.

There was a most noticable increase in the number of children's entries, resulting from the volume of entries from members of Esslemont Young Dippers, a children's craft group which started in September 2019 under the auspices of Esslemont SWI.

Group chairman Doreen Boyne opened the Show just before 3pm and thanked everyone who came along on Friday evening, including some husbands, and on Saturday - the stewards and judges, kitchen helpers under the guidance of Isobel Cruickshank, Ardallie SWI and members for entering their exhibits.

Tables for tea, coffee and cakes were already set up for visitors, members and families to partake of refreshments which kept everyone busy in the kitchen, with thanks to Isobel Cruickshank and Balgownie SWI and Esslemont SWI for doing the tea duties.

Following the prize giving the raffle was then held with plenty of prizes to be won, and then Doreen Boyne then thanked everyone for coming along before closing the show for this year.

Prizes were awarded as follows:

Children's section:

Drawn picture of Disney character (pre-school) – 1 Lachlan Philips; 2 Zoe Findlay and 3 Ollie Omoniyi.

Drawn picture of Disney character (primary 1-3) – 1 Indy Robertsonand 2 Isla Philip.

Drawn picture of Disney character (primary 4-7) – 1 Theo Omoniyi; 2 Ava Blackand 3 Charlotte Walters.

Drawn picture of Disney character (12+) – 1 Angelika Sykes and 2 Tiegan Hislop.

Very Highly Commended – Rachael Rennie and Meaghan McFarlane.

Highly Commended – Cara Mallarkey.

Decorated Digestive Biscuit (pre-school) – 1 Ollie Omoniyi and 2 Bethany Whitelock.

Decorated Digestive Biscuit (primary 1-3) – 1 Nathan McGonnagle and 2 Indy Robertson.

Decorated Digestive Biscuit (primary 4-7) – 1 Cara Mallarkey ; 2 Iona Mallarkeyand 3 Theo Omoniyi.

Highly commended - Rachael Rennie.

Decorated head dress (pre-school) – 1 Ollie Omoniyi; 2 Zoe Findlayand 3 Bethany Whitelock.

Decorated head dress (primary 1-3) – 1 Nathan McGonnagle; 2 Theo Omoniyi and 3 Indy Robertson.

Decorated head dress (primary 4-7) – 1 Cara Mallarkey; 2 Brooke Dixon and 3 Ava Black.

Highly Commended – Holly Beedie.

Commended – Barnaby McGonnagle.

Decorated head dress (12+)– 1 Angelika Sykes and 2 Tiegan Hislop.

Prize winners.
Prize winners.

The trophy winners were then announced :

Sweet dish (Institute with most points in co-operative) - Tipperty.

Cath Mitchell Trophy (Most outstanding exhibit in co-operative) - Tipperty (for their card).

Group Cup (Institute with most points in Bulbs) -Esslemont.

Reid Cup (Individual with most points in Bulbs) - Margaret Grieve, Esslemont.

Millennium Trophy (Best exhibit in Bulb Section) - Helen Thain, Cultercullen.

Crystal RosebowlMost outstanding exhibit in Floral Art) - Margaret Grieve, Esslemont.

Glass stand and Bowl (Novice Floral Art) - Laura Matheson, Balgownie.

Auchedly Cup (Institute with most points in Handcraft)- Tipperty.

New Fullerton Cup (Individual with most points Handcraft) - Laura Matheson, Balgownie.

Millennium Trophy (Best exhibit in Handcraft Section) - Annie Paterson, Esslemont.

Fullerton Cup (Institute with most points in Baking Section) - Tipperty.

Greig Cup (Individual with most points in Baking Section) - Moira Duncan, Ardallie.

Millennium Trophy (Best exhibit in Baking Section) - Eileen Andrews, Cultercullen.

Silver tray – (Institute with most points in Produce Section) - Ardallie.

Donald Cup (Individual with most points in Produce Section)- Moira Duncan, Ardallie.

Millennium Trophy (Best exhibit in Produce Section) - Eileen Smith, Balgownie.

Rosebowl (Overall Institute winner) - Ardallie.

Wolridge-Gordon Cup (Institute with under 20 members) - Ardallie.

Beaton Rose bowl (Individual overall winner) - Moira Duncan, Ardallie.

Runner-up Trophy (Individual runner up) - Margaret Grieve, Esslemont.

Armstrong-Mills Rosebowl (Best exhibit in show) - Tipperty (for their card).

Helen Smillie Trophy (Overall winner in Children’s section) - Ollie Omoniyi, Cultercullen.

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