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Your comments: Dozens more readers share their experiences of pension inequality

By David Porter

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Following on from Grampian Online's report of support for WASPI from MP Richard Thomson, hundreds of readers got in touch to tell their own stories of pension inequality.

Commenting Mr Thomson said:

Commenting, Richard Thomson MP said: “Some of the comments from those affected are simply heart-rending.

"It should shame the UK Government into taking action when WASPI women are telling stories of losing friends or relatives before they have been able to retire and enjoy life because of the changes to pension age.

“I know the WASPI women are determined to continue their fight for justice and in that they have my backing all the way.”

We continue today with more of your stories of how you have been affected -

Ann Wilkinson from South Shields - It's discusting we have had to hear lies upon lies , it needs addressing immediately. We never got a choice for a pension when I started work I've worked since I was 15 and did a man's job until equal pay came in and I was demoted. There was not childcare available, we looked after the kids and still held a job down ,we've been so unfairly treated .

Deborah Calcott from Yeovil - Yes l feel it is a real disgrace when l have also worked since l was 15 years old. I was never told or sent a letter to say the pension age as changed. I have to work until l am 66 years old that will mean l have worked for 51 years and contributed. The government have always got money for everyone else when they need to or if it makes them looks good. We are not important in their eyes.

Michelle Reid from Belfast - I am a grandmother of eleven and a great grandmother of two children.I am approaching my 63rd birthday and still working full time as I have a house to run on my own. I work from 8 to 6 four days a week in a nursery. I have worked hard all my life brought up three children on my own and struggled. I am still struggling to find the strength to keep going until my 66th birthday. As far as am concerned I have been robbed by the British government of 40 thousand pounds or there abouts. You tell me how am going to keep going working in a nursery some days with two members of staff for ten toddlers as the ratios where put up from 4 to 5 children toddlers I might add and working for a minimum wage.You tell me what is the British government going to do about people like me, just let me work myself into an early grave like the other misfortunate so they don't have to pay us a penny. We want compensation and we want it now. Stop treating us as if we our not even human beings we are. We want justice.

Joyce Mackenzie from Inverness - This government had completely disregarded women born in the 50's. Many ladies have been severely affected and have suffered ill health due to the worry of not being able to pay their way, which is especially pertinent at this time of the energy and rising cost of living crises. I paid NI for 42 years, like many others, so it's time and only fair to put this right and pay us what we are owed.

Zandra Wenzel from Chorley - I have paid over 40 years Nationally insurance and I would love the money that I paid to be given back to me I am fed up of waiting I am hard up, need to be given what I'm entitled to. We haven't been given what we are entitled to so if you wouldn't mind could you look at the WASPI the WASPI women's appeal and start paying us.

Helen Roomeim from Glasgow - I'm one of these women affected who only has the work pension that we had to join which is worth £3450 if I take it in full and will be taxed on ,that if I'd known what government plans were I would have taken out a personal pension years ago so they should do the right thing and compensate .

Julia Bowker from Nantwich - I was born in 54 so had to wait for my pension. My husband of 49 years died . He'd never missed a contribution. I was told I couldn't get a widows pension because my husband was in the old pension and I'm on the new! Yet another blow for us women!.

Linda Bedel from Newport Pagnell - This whole thing of women having to wait for their pensions until they are 66 is a complete and utter shambles! I was born December 1960 and will have to wait for mine until 2027. I worked full time from the age of 17 for 30+ years, followed by part time until my health deteriorated. Due to that, I will retire at 67 and will not be entitled to a full state pension because I haven't paid enough NIC's. It's farcical.

Andrina Fairbairn from Dalkeith - I think it was shocking what this government have done to us it's time to pay out what we are all entitled to woman should have been able to retire at the age of sixty not 66 and I'm sure a lot of us have died but if this is the case it should go to there families .who would benefit from what is going on now.

Corinne Wheeler from Chesterfield - Have spoken to DWP and got a rather curt response (pretty standard instructions from the top I expect KP!). Then referred the issue to my MP have received a copy of a reply sent to him from DWP. Stating that my late husband's SP will be worth £3.25 pw to me only when I reach 66 in 2years time. What an insult to my late husband who paid in for 30years!. Now I have stopped seething I can form a response to my MP and include the Waspies concerns at the same time. I am sure that HM government think that we will just go away or die! Thus ending the issue but no chance More of us need to lobby our MPs, they cannot ignore us even though they would like to brush us under the carpet. Women have always been 2nd class citizens despite working for their entire lives and contributing the max NI amount. What do we have to do?.

Anne Revels from Melrose - Thank goodness someone is trying to help. I wonder how many realise that the winter fuel payment only applies to those pensioners born before 1954? Yet another way that Fifties women are discriminated against.

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