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So proud of Keith Grammar

By Alistair Whitfield

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The woman who had to unexpectedly take over the reins at Keith Grammar last year has spoken of her great pride in the school.

Left to Right: Sarah Green (Dux), Liz Bain (Acting Rector) and Heidi Wilson (S6 All Round Prize winner)Picture: Daniel Forsyth.
Left to Right: Sarah Green (Dux), Liz Bain (Acting Rector) and Heidi Wilson (S6 All Round Prize winner)Picture: Daniel Forsyth.

Liz Bain became Acting Rector after illness sadly cut short the career of Jamus MacPherson, the much respected former head of the school.

In her first ever awards ceremony speech – one made in extraordinary circumstances – Mrs Bain admits it was a job she never sought.

Indeed, she wasn't originally sure that she even wanted it.

However, the spirit shown by the school in coping with adversity has made her glad she accepted the post.

Mrs Bain said: "Our awards ceremony this year took a very different format due to circumstances no one could have predicted without the ability to travel in time.

"My favourite film when I was at secondary school was Back to the Future which was based on the premise of time travel.

"In it young Marty McFly hops around in time in a Delorean sports car souped up by his inventor friend, Doc.

"A major theme of the film is that your actions affect the future.

"Think about how your actions and efforts in your school days can affect your future.

"So, seize every good opportunity which comes your way and make your future a good one.

"Of course, unexpected things such as COVID can affect you as well.

"It is how you deal with things that really counts.

"Last year when Mr Macpherson was taken ill I took over as Acting Rector.

"It wasn’t anything I had ever planned to do and I wasn’t entirely sure that I really wanted to do it if I’m really honest.

"However, I saw an opportunity to provide stability for the school and to ensure we kept moving forward with all our plans, and so I took on the challenge.

"What started as a sad situation has turned out to be the most challenging but satisfying year of my career.

"This past year has had more plot twists than ‘Back to the Future’ but I am proud of how we have survived as a school and still achieved many great things.

"I am proud to be Acting Rector and part of the KGS community.

"I am also proud that our awards celebrate not just academic but personal achievements and who you are as people.

"It’s what is inside that counts and that is certainly true for the school as you, the people, are what makes this a school community.

"Without you KGS is just an empty building.

"The community is us, wherever we are.

"I am so pleased we were able to celebrate what makes us KGS and your achievements even though we are temporarily apart.

"I’m sure many of you will have seen memes in which Marty is warned by Doc never to go to 2020.

"However, we need to think more positively.

"It has been a very difficult time for many of us but we are living through history right now and it is a time we will never forget.

"Things have slowed down for us and for many it has given us time to think about what is really important for us and an opportunity to do things differently.

"Instead of making 2020 a write-off, let’s look forward and make 2020 the year of KG-YES.

"Yes to moving forward.

"Yes to making plans.

"Yes to opportunities.

"Yes to taking things as they come and making the most of it.

"Congratulations to all our award winners and I look forward to being able to congratulate you in person soon."

Sarah Green, the Dux of Keith Grammar.Picture: Daniel Forsyth.
Sarah Green, the Dux of Keith Grammar.Picture: Daniel Forsyth.


S1 Gold The Stewart Wilson Prize - Jessica Morrison

S1 Silver -Ferre Michielsen

S1 Bronze - Caitlin Brown, Ryan Gerrie, Rachel Low

S1 Merit Awards

Siena Clark

Abbie McWilliam

Chloe McWilliam

Amy Noble

Beth Wallace

S2 Gold The Reidhaven Prize - Ben Kidd, Kate Porter

S2 Bronze - Abbie Kellas

S2 Merit Awards

Jasmin Hunt

Tom Palmer

Kate Rettie

Megan Riach

S3 Gold The K J Forrest Prize -Elyse Chapman

S3 Silver - Gavin Brown

S3 Bronze - Siobhan Donnison, Katie Dunbar, Cassie Findlay, Beth Smith,

Fiona Stewart, Aimee Stronach

S4 Gold The Green Prize - Gregor Clark, Kirstie Low, Dodie Simmers

S4 Merit Awards

Georgia Dalgarno

Chloe Gordon

Holly McWilliam

Bent Michielsen

S5 Gold Mrs P Roy - Peter Grant, Thonima Mirza

S5 Bronze -Scott Donald, Sarah Green, Duncan MacLure, Lewis Roger,

Dylan Taylor, Tom Watson

Heidi Wilson, who won the S6 All Round Prize.
Heidi Wilson, who won the S6 All Round Prize.


The Mark Taylor Prize for Cake Craft-Molly Smith

Drummuir Estate Prize for Music- Markus McBain

The Muirton Control Prize for French- Sarah Green

The Paul Nicoll Prize for Practical Woodwork - Angus Gurr

The Tesco Prize for Home Economics (Hospitality) -Kyle Morrison

The Seafield Prize for Physical Education-Olivia Stronach

John G Robb Prize for Modern Studies- Aaliyah Robertson

Shears Hair & Beauty Retreat Prize for Art- Catherine McAskie

Keith North Churches Prize for RMPS- Elyse Chapman

Keith Builders Merchants Prize for English -Sarah Green

The Alan Rettie Prize for Biology- Catherine McAskie

S Simmers & Sons Prize for Mathematics- Reece Mackie

The Rotary Club of Keith Prize for German-Bent Michielsen

Banffshire/Kronach Exchange Prize for Most Improved in German –Holly McWilliam

Peterkins Prize for Administration –Cameron Maver

Dr & Mrs G Sim Prize for History- Sarah Green

The Keith Grammar School Prize for Business Studies- Sarah Green

Clarks Pharmacy Prize for Physics- Reece Mackie

The Regent Prize for Computing - Bent Michielsen

The Muirton Control Prize for Graphic Communication- Connall Dark

Frank McLean & Son Prize for Chemistry-Peter Grant

Mr K Comrie Prize for Geography - Erin Sutherland

The James Bream Prize for Engineering Science - Reece Mackie

The Sean Mulligan Optician Prize for Science-Elyse Chapman

L Jex Prize for Rural Skills- Angus Gurr


The Robin Winchester Prize for Participation- Ali Nicoll

St Rufus, Botriphnie & Grange Church Prize for Participation -Tom Watson

The Rotary Club of Keith Prize for being Responsible- Heidi Wilson

G & M Whyte Prize for being Responsible -Rachel Dunbar

Keith Community Council Prize for Community Involvement -Abbie Stewart

The Keith Grammar School Prize for being Healthy- Teoni Wright

The R C Henderson Prize for being Healthy - Ceon Still

The Thoroughly Decent Award-Julieann Gartly

M Neish Ltd Prize for being Respectful -Freya Ferguson

Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers Ltd Prize for being Respectful – Chloe Gordon

The Macpherson-Allan Prize for Positive Attitude -Alex McPherson

The Seafield Prize for Positive Attitude-Chloe Gordon

The Macpherson-Allan Prize for being Aspirational -Rachel Dunbar

The Steven Dunbar Prize for being Aspirational- Sarah Green

The Rev. Ranald Gauld Prize for Perseverance-Kelsey Spalding

DYW Prize for undertaking opportunities that develop Skills for Life, Learning and Work -Abbie Morrison

KGS Career Ready Student of the Year -Heidi Wilson

S1-3 SPECIAL AWARDS – Sponsored by Glenrinnes Farms Ltd

Aspirational - Rebecca Shylock, Emma Stephen

Respectful - Heidi Crocket, Ella More

Healthy - Ryan Morrison, Emma Stronach

Responsible - Kenna Johnston, Beth Wallace

Participation - Katie Dunbar, Cassie Findlay

Positive Attitude - Ferre Michielsen, Amy Noble

Focus 350 Prize - Bent Michielsen

S6 All Round Prize - Heidi Wilson

Dux - Sarah Green

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