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Oldmeldrum man Stephen McDonald receives five-year dog ban after keeping four dogs in 'filthy' conditions with no water during 28°C weather

By Ali Morrison

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An Oldmeldrum man has been banned from owning dogs for five years after an Scottish SPCA investigation found he kept dogs in "filthy" conditions with no water during sweltering weather.

The Scottish SPCA investigated the man, leading to a give year ban on owning dogs.
The Scottish SPCA investigated the man, leading to a give year ban on owning dogs.

Stephen McDonald (37), of Albert Place, Oldmeldrum, kept dogs in a "urine-soaked" run with "several day's worth of faeces".

As well as the five-year dog ban, Mr McDonald was given a 12-month supervision order and 120 hours of community service at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Wednesday, June 29.

Scottish SPCA inspector Alexandra Campbell said: “We attended the address at Albert Place after a member of the public contacted us with concerns that another resident there was breaching an existing ban on owning or keeping dogs.

“On further investigation is was determined that the dogs belonged to Stephen McDonald.

“On attending the property we discovered a filthy kennel and run in the back garden.

"Two cane corsos were being kept in the urine-soaked run with a build-up of several days’ worth of faeces.

"There was one large bowl of food left indicating the dogs would be left for long periods of time.

“There were two empty water bowls meaning both dogs had no access to water.

"Our visit was conducted on a day where the temperature was 20 degrees celsius, with the day prior recording highs of 28 degrees Celsius.

“Inside the run was a small, wooden kennel only adequate for one dog this size.

"There was a strong smell of ammonia from the enclosure.

“Whilst there we noticed noise coming from the garden shed.

"A gap of gnawed wood at the bottom of the shed door showed two dogs trying to get out.

“On opening the shed we found a female Labrador and a female lurcher.

"Both dogs were being kept locked inside the shed without any ventilation or light.

"The floor was bedded with sawdust but this was littered with several days’ worth of faeces, again there was a strong smell of ammonia throughout.

“There was only one empty metal dog bowl inside the shed which was completely empty.

"Neither of the dogs had access to food or water and, given the lack of ventilation or fresh air within the shed, this was a significant concern on a hot day.

“On closer inspection we found that there were several rusty nails protruding from the door above the chewed hole where dogs had been trying to get out.

“The dogs were immediately removed from the premises due to concerns for their welfare and taken to one of our animal rescue and rehoming centres.

"On arrival all four dogs were offered water and each appeared extremely thirsty, finishing the bowls of water offered.

“All of the dogs involved went on to be rehomed and we’re glad they’ll now be receiving the proper care and attention they deserve.

“We’re pleased that McDonald received a ban on keeping dogs but given his ties to an individual already convicted of animal cruelty offences we are disappointed it’s not for a longer timeframe.

“He has clearly demonstrated a lack of ability to provide even the most basic of care, such as water, for his animals.

“If anyone has any concerns about an animal they should contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

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