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School pitch vandalism at Huntly is branded as senseless

By Pat Scott

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VANDALS have driven a vehicle over The Gordon Schools playing fields gouging out huge tracks, rendering a large area unplayable.

People out walking on Sunday morning were among the first to see the muddy tracks in the sodden surface.

The playing fields are used by Huntly Rugby Club as well as for school PE activities.

Photos of the damage were posted on the Huntly Toon Blether Facebook page - people called for those responsible to be made to pay for the damage and described the action as "senseless."

Others appealed for anyone who knew who had done it or had any information to report it to police.

A man who saw the damage, said that he believed it had been caused by a 4x4 vehicle.

He said: "Whatever it was had huge tyres and the tracks are deep.

"There are posts to stop cars getting onto the pitches but whatever it was must have gone over the mound and I don't think a car would have managed that.

"I feel sorry for the rugby players who will have to put up with the disruption, it's not a great surface anyway but this won't help. Repair work is a long process, the surface must first be levelled before any reseeding can be carried out."

The pitches are owned by Aberdeenshire Council and Councillor Gwyneth Petrie said: "It’s seriously disappointing to see this happen again, and I hope that anyone with any information can pass it to the police so that it can be dealt with accordingly.

"We are all living in difficult times, and boredom may be setting in for some, but there can be no excuse for this kind of damage to an area needed for our young people."

Huntly Community Council's chairman, Tony Gill viewed the pitches and an area near the Nordic Ski Centre, also damaged.

He said: "It’s another senseless act of vandalism causing damage and wilful destruction to facilities that are provided for the community, particularly the younger generation.

"This will be seen by the community as a selfish act that will not impress anyone. The time and effort for repairs will needlessly distract from other priorities at this difficult time."

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