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Elderly man subjected to vile urinating incident at his home in Huntly

By Pat Scott

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A 70 year old man, living with cancer, suffered a disgusting ordeal at his home, just off Duke Street, late last Saturday night.

A witness is urged to go to Police.
A witness is urged to go to Police.

The man has asked not to be named, but hopes that a dog walker who witnessed the incident will got to the police.

He was getting ready for bed just after 11pm when he heard a drunken commotion in the street outside.

He said: “There were the usual obscenities. I looked out a window and saw three males, obviously drunk, possibly late 20s.

“The yelling subsided, but I soon realised there was a scuffling noise at my front door. When I heard my letterbox opening I went downstairs again. I assumed they were peering through the letterbox, maybe to assess a burglary.

“I was wrong. One or more of Huntly’s vermin was urinating through my letterbox into my hallway - during the most extreme public health and hygiene emergency in a century.

The victim of a vile incident hopes a man who witnessed the act might go to Police.
The victim of a vile incident hopes a man who witnessed the act might go to Police.

“It was only when I thumped the inside of the door and yelled that they took off. Otherwise they might all have taken their turn.

“By the time I could put on shoes they had moved. Despite the somewhat scary prospect, I stepped outside. At that moment a gentleman dog walker passed them and I heard him say to one of them “You’re keeping bad company”. Perhaps he could help identify them?

“Dogs that foul don’t know any better. The man or men who defiled my house in a highly intimidating act of gross public indecency and possible endangerment to health are clearly some lower life form.

“During this time of contagion, I was wearing a mask and gloves after midnight, cleaning up the extensive pool of a stranger’s potentially infectious body fluids from my hallway. I did not sleep that night.

“If there is any possibility of something like that happening again, then I think residents of the town centre deserve to know.

“We find it shocking when we hear of people spitting or coughing at police officers or first responders, which is correctly viewed as a possibly criminal act of direct aggression. I don’t know where that places those guys.”

The dog walker is urged to contact Police.

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