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Condemnation for vandalism incident at Wrae Lake near Turriff

By Kyle Ritchie

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A vandalism attack on a shelter hut at Wrae Lake near Turriff has been condemned.

The incident saw the wooden building lifted off the ground and tipped on to its side and seats wrecked.

The hut was once well used by visitors to the lake, who were able to use it to take a rest and enjoy the surroundings.

However, it has become a target for vandals and this latest incident has sickened Sandy Norrie who lives nearby and created the lake with his father George, who built the shelter.

The shelter hut at Wrae Lake was tipped on to its side.
The shelter hut at Wrae Lake was tipped on to its side.

He said: "I think it was damaged on Monday night, we were out having a barbecue and heard motorbikes at the lake.

"Our neighbour had been walking round and she sent a photo to us of the damage that was caused.

"My father, George, built the hut for shelter and it could be used as a fine stopping point with it having a picnic table and seats.

"It has been vandalised over the years but whoever has done it this time has tipped it right on to its side. There must have been more than one person that has done it as its an extremely heavy weight to lift.

"Over the years people have burnt the seats and caused other damage to it but this is definitely the worst incident.

"There is no reason for it at all, it is just wanton vandalism and has just sickened me altogether.

"We made the place for the public to enjoy and it is so disheartening when damage is caused. It is just deliberate vandalism.

"The hut could still be used as shelter, although some of the panels were missing, the roof was still intact.

"I am not sure if we will be able to get it back in place and repaired.

"It spoils it for everybody that uses the place. It was well used by walking clubs and the like but then people came and started wrecking it.

"My father is now 94 and he took great pride in creating the place and building the hut."

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