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Business go big in attempt to catch Brewdog's attention

By Kirsty Brown

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An energy company went big in its attempts to capture the attention of an Ellon businessman.

A social media post from Brewdog founder James Watt about how the company aimed to go carbon neutral in 24 months, accompanied by a rough diagram of how they hoped to achieve that ambition, caught the attention of Amber Energy, which just so happens to specialise in such projects.

In an attempt to make Mr Watt aware of the business, the team at Cardiff-based Amber Energy took out a billboard advert on Aberdeen’s Ellon Road which they believed him to frequently commute.

The poster shows James’ diagram alongside the words “James, we can make your hops and dreams come true” as well as an addition to the diagram which says “the only thing missing is us”.

In reference to Brewdog’s ‘optional’ addition of a pet shark in the original diagram, Amber Energy also wrote a footnote on the billboard which reads “maybe not the pet shark”.

Brewdog’s ambitious plans to go carbon neutral – that is achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal – have been called Brewdog Tomorrow and include electric vehicles, locally sourced barley and waste transformation.

Dan Ashman, Chief product and marketing officer at amber energy Dan Ashman said: "We're a company that does things differently to the rest of the industry, and BrewDog is well known for its punk attitude to brewing and business too.

"So when we saw James Watt's (founder of BrewDog) post on LinkedIn, detailing how he wanted to create the world's most sustainable drinks company, we couldn't believe how much his vision matched our own - to save the planet.

"But BrewDog being who they are, and amber energy being a company that likes to do what others in the industry can't and won't, we knew we couldn’t just send James an email or cold call him.

"So we've bought a billboard on the road that leads to BrewDog HQ in Ellon, Scotland, and blown James's original save-the-world sketch into a 4x2 metre rendering, to get his attention and show that we approach things in a novel way, be that our marketing or the way we optimise our clients' energy.

"Like we say on the billboard, we can help James reach his goals...except for the pet shark."

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