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Buckie High honour year of achievement at prizegiving

By Alan Beresford

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BCHS’s prizewinners proudly show off their awards. Picture: Beth Taylor
BCHS’s prizewinners proudly show off their awards. Picture: Beth Taylor

ACHIEVEMENT, effort and success took centre stage at Buckie Community High School when their annual prizegiving was held.

Last Wednesday evening saw students from across S4-6 honoured for going above and beyond both inside and outwith the classroom.

Taking special pride in the academic year passed were Joe Sutherland and Alex Thompson, respectively the winners of the Dux medal and Joe Mackay Award for S5 and S6.

S6 Dux Alex Thompson (left) and S5 Dux Joe Sutherland are presented with their medals and awards by acting rector Sean Duffy. Picture: Beth Taylor
S6 Dux Alex Thompson (left) and S5 Dux Joe Sutherland are presented with their medals and awards by acting rector Sean Duffy. Picture: Beth Taylor

Giving the rector’s address was acting rector Neil Duffy, and during his speech he reflected on the winds of change blowing through society as a whole and the effects on education.

He said: “Over the last four to six years we have seen the pace of change increase across society.

“We see Artificial Intelligence changing technology as we know it. We see a transport change to electric vehicles; we see political change nationally and locally, international relationships changing across the world and digital and crypto markets changing the very nature of money. One thing is certain – this change seems certain to continue.

“It is difficult to know the full extent of what these changes will be, but I do know this. Our children stand on the precipice of change and will be the leaders and pioneers of the great leaps forward we are going to take as a society. Your Advanced Highers, Highers and National 5s will only be part of the story because what we need as a civilization is people who put relationships and people first and strive for purpose over profit.

“Imagine if kindness and humanity were the currencies of the future. My generation can imagine that, but our young people can create it.”

He went on to vow that BCHS would continue to “provide an academic and a values-based education where you have opportunities to develop resilience and resolve”, going on to give examples of the wide range of projects and activities undertaken by students which help them grow as people. Mr Duffy also praised the partnerships which had been built with community groups and other outside organisations.

Concluding, Mr Duffy addressed the prizewinners directly.

He said: “To all our award winners, this is just the beginning. Your hard work and determination are truly inspiring.

“Keep striving to be the best you can be, continue to challenge yourselves, and always believe in your potential. Let's continue to aim high and support one another on this journey.”

Guest speaker for the evening was local woman Jennifer Smith, who is a Professor of Sociolinguistics at Glasgow University.


Senior prize list: Monica Abbey 5S1 - 2nd Human Biology Higher; Kallum Aitchison 6C; 1st Leadership Award Higher; Nathan Allan 4R2 - 3d equal Biology Nat 5; Logan Boyfield 6C - The Smith Trophy for Endeavour in Physical Education Higher; Leia Breen 6R - 1st equal English Advanced Higher, 1st Media Studies Nat 5; Amy Bruce 6C - 2nd Leadership Award Higher, 1st & the Ross Finnie Award for Physical Education Higher; Lois Bruce 4L2 - 1st Visual Communication Level 5; Blair Campbell 4S1 - 2nd Practical Woodwork Nat 5; Chloe Carmichael 4R2 - 3rd Applications of Mathematics Nat 5; Max Carmichael 6L - 1st & the Moravian Motors Shield for Business Management Higher; Archie Chalmers 6L - 4th Biology Higher; Rosie-Willow Clarke 5L2 - 1st & the Stephen Wilkinson Trophy for Biology Higher, 1st & the Royal Bank of Scotland Cup for English Higher, 3rd Modern Studies Higher; Ashleigh Cormack 5L2 - The Class of 1980 Shield for Most Improved in Mathematics; Luke Coull 4S1 - 2nd Chemistry Nat 5, 1st Mathematics Nat 5, 1st Equal Sport & Recreation Nat 5; Douglas Cowie 5L1 - 1st and the Hebbie Gray Memorial Cup for Music Higher, 1st Music Technology Higher; Kaydee Cowie 5R1 - 3rd Maths Higher; Dido Damlics 4R3 - 1st Furniture Making Level 5; Scott Davidson 6C - 1st Graphic Communication Higher, 3rd Physical Education Higher, 1st Physics Advanced Higher; Katie Dickie 4L1 - 1st and the JL Liddle Memorial Quaich & the Historic Banffshire Kronach Twinning Association Award for German Nat 5; Rachel Donaldson 6S - The JP Pozzi Trophy for Most Improved in English; Shaun Doyle 6L9 - 1st Barista Level 5; Jude Ewen 6R - 2nd Applications of Mathematics Higher, 2nd Practical Electronics Nat 5; Milly Findlay 6R - 1st Biology Advanced Higher, 2nd Chemistry Higher, 1st Physics Higher; Neve Finlayson 6C - 2nd Business Management Higher; Carla Flett 4R2 - 1st Equal Sport & Recreation Nat 5; Brandon Froude 6R - 1st Art & Design Advanced Higher; Phoebe Goodall 5S1 - 3rd Leadership Award Higher; Ella Grant 5L1 - 4th English Higher; Eloise Grant 4R1 - 3rd Business Management Nat 5; Josh Hannigan 5C1 - 2nd Hospitality Level 6; Shaun Hendry 6S - 1st Equal Environmental Science Higher, 2nd RMPS Higher; Beth Johnson 5R2 - 1st Hospitality Level 6; Amy Johnston 4S2 - 1st Travel & Tourism Nat 5; Charlotte 1st Equal English Advanced Higher - 3rd Geography Higher, 1st & the Lanham-Barnes 6L Buckie Community Council Millennium Trophy for History Higher, 1st Modern Studies Higher; Zoe Leslie 5C1 - 1st Acting & Performance Level 6; Sophie Lindsay 4S1 - 1st & Plaque Chemistry Nat 5, 2nd Music Nat 5; Yasmin Mair 5C1 - 1st Administration Nat 5, 3rd Equal English Higher, 2nd Physics Higher; Aileigh McKay 6C - 4th Geography Higher; Lauren McKay 4C1 - 1st & TSB Business Management Trophy for Business Management Nat 5; Sarah McKay 4S3 - 1st Music Nat 5; Jack McLaughlan 4L2 - 1st Equal Geography Nat 5; Benjamin McLean 5R2 - 1st Practical Cakecraft; Kayla McNeill 4R1 - 2nd Art & Design Nat 5, 2nd Business Management Nat 5; Aimee McRae Coull 4R2 - 1st Photography Nat 5; Caitlin Miles 4S2 - 1st & the Grant Shield for Art & Design Nat 5, 1st & the RS Cruickshank Trophy for Graphic Communication Nat 5; McKenna Milner 4R1 - 2nd Geography Nat 5, 1st Modern Studies Nat 5; Archie Moonie 5C1 - 1st RMPS Higher; Sam Murray 6L - 2nd Administration Higher 3rd Business Management Higher; Kenny Newlands 4R3 - 4th Maths Nat 5, 1st & the Sherman Trophy for Practical Woodwork Nat 5; Morgan Osborne 4C1 - 2nd Modern Studies Nat 5; Isla Palmer 6R - 3rd Physics Higher; Isla Park 4L1 - 4th Equal English Nat 5; Lachlan Paterson 4S2 - 1st Biology Nat 5, 2nd English Nat 5, 1st Equal Geography Nat 5, 3rd Physics Nat 5; Abby Phimister 6R - 1st Geography Advanced Higher; Kari Phimister 4R1 - 1st Photography Higher; Ben Pirie 4C2 - 1st Applications of Mathematics Nat 5; Nevaeh Reid 4R1 - The Seafield Medical Centre Quaich for Music Nat 5, 2nd Biology; Nat 5, 4th Equal English Nat 5; David Rendall 4C1 - 2nd Applications of Mathematics Nat 5, 1st Hospitality Nat 5, 3rd Practical Woodwork Nat 5; Darcey Ritchie 4S1 - 2nd Physical Education Nat 5; Leonie Robertson 6R - 1st Human Biology Higher; Keira Ross 6L - 1st Costume Level 5; Erin Schoolar 6S - 1st Administration Higher, 2nd Geography Higher; Orla Scott 4R3 - 3rd Mathematics Nat 5, 1st & the Stewart Trophy for Physical Education Nat 5; Chloe Shewan 6S - The Rennie Quaich for Endeavour for Music Higher; Christopher Silva 5L1 - 1st Computing Science Higher; Keira Smith 5S2 - 2nd Equal Applications of Mathematics Higher; Lola Smith 4R1 - 1st Equal Sport & Recreation Nat 5; Matthew Stead 4L2 - 1st Computing Science Nat 5, 3rd English Nat 5, 2nd Mathematics Nat 5, 1st & Quaich Music Technology Nat 5, 1st Physics Nat 5, 1st Practical Electronics Nat 5; Emily Stewart 5R1 - 2nd Equal English Higher, 1st & the Class of 1991 Memorial Cup for Endeavour for Geography Higher, 1st & the CW Thomson Prize & The Historic Banffshire Kronach Twinning Association Award for German Higher, 2nd Modern Studies Higher; Eliza Strachan 5L1 - 1st & the Buckie Furniture Centre Shield for Art & Design Higher, 3rd Equal English Higher; Joe Sutherland 5S1 - 2nd Equal Biology Higher, 1st Chemistry Higher, 2nd Equal English Higher, 1st & the George Clark McKenzie Memorial Shield for Mathematics Higher; Calum Tait 4R3 - The Precious Gifts Shield for Photography Higher; Declan Taylor 5S1 - 2nd Computing Science Higher; Nicole Taylor 6R - 2nd Equal Biology Higher; Rhys Taylor 4R3 - 3rd Physical Education Nat 5; Robyn Taylor 5S1 - 1st French Higher; Alex Thompson 6R - 1st Chemistry Advanced Higher, 1st Mathematics Advanced Higher, 2nd Music Higher; Lauren Thorley 4R1 - 3rd Equal Biology Nat 5, 1st Creative Industries Nat 5, 2nd Physics Nat 5; Victoria Tolmazova 4C1 - 1st & the E Jagger Quaich for French Nat 5; Tyler Walford 6R - 1st Equal Environmental Science Higher, 1st RMPS Nat 5; Evan Walker 5S1 - 1st Environmental Science Nat 5; Aidan Wilson 5C1 - 1st Equal Applications of Mathematics Higher; Ellis Wright 5C1 - 2nd Mathematics Higher, 2nd Physical Education Higher; Imogen Wright 4S3 - 1st English Nat 5; Jack Wright 4S1 - 2nd Photography Higher

Outstanding awards

Cowie Rosebowl - Cameron Hay 5S1; Winnie Ewing Sports Trophy - Madison Coull 4R3; Community Service Award - Kallum Aitichison 6C, Amy Imlach 6C, Jody Murray 5R1, Zach Mitchel 5L2, Joe Sutherland 5S1, Alex Thompson 6R; James Stuart Scott Trophy - Scott Davidson 6C; G C Smith Trophy for Leadership - Callum Morrison 6C; Outstanding Contribution to Work in the Library - Ryan Pearce 6S; Ace Winches Perpetual Trophy for Technology & Science - Scott Davidson 6C; Zoe Geddes Memorial Shield - Charlotte Lanham-Barnes 6L; Clark Memorial Award - Brandon Froude 6R; Determination to Succeed Shield - Shaun Doyle 6L; Inter House Trophy - Rathburn.

5th Year Dux Medal and Joe Mackay Award - Joe Sutherland.

6th Year Dux Medal and Joe Mackay Award - Alex Thompson.

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