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Ellon resident left baffled by Council footpath decision

By Kirsty Brown

AN Ellon resident has expressed his bewilderment at the location of ongoing path widening works in Ellon.

Retired farmer Norman Fraser has lived in the town for more than 20 years and has previously assisted groups in identifying – and seeking – solutions for areas of concern within the town.

He has spoken to Grampian Online about his confusion at Aberdeenshire Council’s decision to widen an already broad stretch of pavement in the town rather than work in areas where the footpath is significantly more narrow, less protected by verges, or indeed is simply non-existent.

Explaining, Mr Fraser said: “We are now into the second week of the Council widening two parts of the path on the right hand side coming from Ellon towards the Park and Ride.

"This two parts are possibly the least dangerous parts, having a buffer area of grass between the path and the road.

"Both parts that are being widened are already wider than the more dangerous path alongside the Deer dyke, which is five feet and four inches wide and at a narrow pinch point, is only four feet and six inches.

“It is a path that one can get soaked with spray when the road has puddles.

“There is no escape, due to the high wall, in comparison to the areas that are being widened.

“One part that is being widened is six foot wide and the furthest away part, past the lodge, is six foot four inches, which is already one foot wider than the more dangerous path alongside the Deer dyke.

“Part of the entrance to Castle Park is partly finished with a width of eight feet, which is three-and-a-half feet wider than the pinch point at Deer dyke – it is absolutely crazy.

“For as long as I remember, people have been walking after a funeral service to the cemetery and at one point they have to go on the road.

“Here we have a council spending this waste of money – a council that say that they have no money.”

The Council have defended the decision, and a spokesman said: “The funding for this path upgrade has been made available from regional transport partners Nestrans.

“This is capital funding to promote active travel and is being used to deliver a route identified in the Ellon Integrated Travel Town masterplan, developed with input from residents of the town.”

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