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ELECTION 2021: Plea for young voters to 'stand up and be counted' in Scottish Parliament election

By Alan Beresford

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YOUNG voters have been urged to “stand up and be counted” at tomorrow's Scottish Parliament election.

Banffshire and Buchan Coast SNP candidate Karen Adam.
Banffshire and Buchan Coast SNP candidate Karen Adam.

Karen Adam, SNP candidate for Banffshire and Buchan Coast, made the plea to young voters, many of whom will be voting for the first time, stating that by giving both votes to the SNP they “can make a real difference” to constituency.

She said: “In Scotland, we have recognised the democratic right that young people have to make sure the voice of all those over 16 can be heard.

"They are, of course, the future of our nation, and they have a right to make a difference to the world they are inheriting.

"There is more at stake in this election for young people’s futures than for any other age group - and it was essential to elected an experienced government that can stand up to Boris Johnson and the Tories and has a serious plan to ensure all young people have access to training, employment and education opportunities”

The SNP's manifesto includes plans that guarantee every 16-24 year old employment, educational and training. The SNP have pledged further steps to support young people, such as, free bus travel and Council Tax exemption for under-22s.

Ms Adam continued: “The pandemic has been tough for everyone, but particularly so for young people.

"They may well reflect in years to come and not least to their own families and friends, that they were part of the ‘Covid generation’, the pandemic having disrupted their education, training and employment – and even stopped them enjoying many key rites of passage that make being young special – whether that’s school proms, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, moving to university or even just being able to see friends.

"Socialising with their peer group has been fundamentally impacted and that may well have consequences in years to come.”

She went on to support comments made by Westminster MP Mhairi Black, who said: “Scotland’s young people have made huge sacrifices for the rest of the country and there is more at stake for their future than any other age group.

"That’s why the SNP's Young Person’s Guarantee is such an important commitment, and it’s why we’ll support their incomes by introducing free bus travel and scrapping council tax for everyone under 22.

"An SNP government will also deliver affordable homes, put ScotRail in public hands, create new jobs, help with housing costs, and create green jobs in order that Scotland is a net zero country.

“And in just a few days time, if re-elected, there will be new decisions to take on easing the Covid restrictions that will mean much more normality for people’s lives. As we look to rebuild Scotland, we have to ask ourselves who should be making the decisions that affect our lives."

Ms Adam added: “On May 6, just like everyone else, young people in Banffshire and Buchan Coast will be asked how they want to see Scotland recover and, and what future they really want in the north-east of Scotland.

“I see young people in this constituency as critical in helping to elect a First Minister who has led us through this pandemic every day and a government that has equality, compassion and fairness at the heart of its policies, instead of putting Scotland’s future in Boris Johnson’s hands.

"Many young folk have spoken to me about their hopes and expectations as we move to focus on recovery. My message to young people has always been this – don’t let other people decide your future for you. Get out and vote both votes SNP on Thursday and stand up and be counted – because your vote can make a real difference to this area and its future.”

Also standing in Banffshire and Buchan Coast are: Jason Duncan (Freedom Alliance); Mark Findlater (Conservative); David McHutchon (Restore Scotland); Alison Simpson (Liberal Democrat); Georgia Strachan (Labour).

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