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ELECTION 2021: Ending 'attacks on personal liberty' comes before Indyref

By Kyle Ritchie

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The smallest minority is the individual, and it is the individual who is being hardest hit by the effects of government overreach.

Jason Duncan, Freedom Alliance's candidate for Banffshire and Buchan Coast.
Jason Duncan, Freedom Alliance's candidate for Banffshire and Buchan Coast.

If government does not respect individual rights and freedoms, whether it sits in Westminster or Holyrood is immaterial.

That is not to dismiss or disregard the Scottish independence question, but my first priority is to end the damaging and disproportionate attacks on personal liberty, sovereignty and rights of each individual occurring as a result of government restrictions.

If every individual is not, by default, free to choose with whom they associate or assemble, is not able to speak freely and peacefully without fear of censorship, is not free to trade or earn a living, and does not have the right to exercise autonomy over their own being with regard medical choices, without threat or coercion, then that individual does not enjoy independence.

Those principles are shared by the individual members who have come together under the Freedom Alliance banner, and who are committed to ensuring those principles are upheld.

I am honoured to campaign alongside members who share the same core values of freedom, whether they identify as unionist, nationalist or neutral when it comes to Scottish independence.

On any vote for whether there should be an Indyref2, Freedom Alliance MSPs would abstain. However, should Indyref2 happen then all MSPs and members will be free to campaign on whichever side they believe in.

Whether you believe the future of Scotland lies as part of the United Kingdom or as an independent nation state, I hope you agree that in order for that future to be a bright one Scottish citizens must have their their rights and freedoms as individuals respected, and that they must be able to hold to account any government that seeks to deny these rights.

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