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Buckie councillors in 'obey lockdown laws' plea

By Alan Beresford

OBEY the new lockdown laws for the good of us all – that was the uncompromising message coming from Buckie's councillors as the fight against Covid-19 reached its most serious phase yet.

(From left) Councillors Gordon Cowie, Tim Eagle and Sonya Warren have urged local people to obey the lockdown laws in the fight against Covid-19.
(From left) Councillors Gordon Cowie, Tim Eagle and Sonya Warren have urged local people to obey the lockdown laws in the fight against Covid-19.

Last Monday saw Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduce some of the toughest restrictions on liberty and movement ever witnessed in peacetime in a bid to stop the coronavirus spread throughout the country and halt the rising death toll.

Buckie Councillors Sonya Warren, Gordon Cowie and Tim Eagle added their voices urging people obey the new laws and stay at home as much as possible.

Councillor Warren said: "This is a totally unprecedented situation and everyone is working very hard to keep up with the fast moving changes to the way we usually live.

"It's really important that we all play our part in fighting this virus and stay in as much as possible, only going out for the very essential things that are needed. Hopefully the folk that think they are invincible will stop and think about their nearest and dearest and be more considerate of others in the community.

"Don’t be the one that takes the virus home to others. We also need to be aware of the stress that is being put on our NHS and we need to try to limit the spread of this virus. There are loads of key workers that are having to go out and work every day, please try to limit the spread of the infection to them, too.

"Shop workers, care workers and essential service providers like the people that collect our rubbish are doing a tremendous job in very stressful and scary times. Please everyone do your best to support them and do the right thing by staying in. This is everyone’s responsibility.

"Please also keep an eye out for the elderly or more vulnerable members of our community that may need help. There has been a phenomenal response to the Kindness groups volunteer programme. Perhaps folk that are at home off their work could sign up to help folk in your street, if everyone does a little bit our community will be far better off."

Councillor Cowie stressed it was up to everyone to "do their bit".

"It's good to see the majority taking heed of the information coming from government about staying at home, it's the only way to slow this horrible virus down," he continued.

"We must all do our bit and hopefully come out the other side stronger.

"Please, if you are not abiding with the advice given think again. This is real and not just an exercise. Stay safe."

Councillor Eagle said that politicians of all stripes had united to fight the virus and it was time for the public to do likewise.

“Never have the British public faced such restrictions in peacetime as what we face today.

"No government of any colour would want to do this but it is done for a reason. That reason, to save lives! My wife is a doctor, already her job is changing. Over the next few weeks she with many others will be on the front line, in hospitals and in communities doing everything to keep people well both those with Covid-19 and with the full range of other illnesses.

"They and all the other critical workers out there should be shown our fullest respect. Everyone one of us, of any age should follow national advice. Do not leave your home except for the reasons given and even then keep it to a minimum. Do not meet friends. Politicians have come together to fight this, now all of us need to come together to protect our communities and our country. Don’t be the one that lets us down.”

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